• Regarding Our Voices @ Norths 2012 concert
  • "... it was great to be able to finally make it to one of your concerts to see what you've been up to the last few years - well, quite a few - and now I understand why you've been so devoted to it, and also why you must enjoy it so very much. You'd really have to be dedicated to the discipline to get to the standard you guys are singing at. I hope you still have "Shanandoah" (can't spell it) on your repertoire - I did love that recording! And I enjoyed the concert a lot! What a luxury to watch all those people making beautiful sounds for an afternoon. Though I think the quartets could have taken the cue from their more modest hosts and cut down their sets by one or more songs each, good as they were"
    - Linda Stainton

    * "Thank you so much for the spectacular afternoon. Lunch was lovely (and terrific selection, David, thank you). The music was heavenly. Thank you so much for affording us the opportunity for such splendid enjoyment".

    * "You sang beautifully, more 'together' than I heard you sing at Darling Harbour".

    * "What a great afternoon's entertainment. And, my friend won a lovely bottle of champagne to top it off!"
    - Guests of David Ojerholm


  • Regarding Our Angel Place 2014 concert
  • A big WELL DONE from Katrina & I! Your chorus has really progressed to the next level.

    As a suggestion, for the finale (which involves shirt ripping!), why not have the whole group in white dress gloves? For not a lot of outlay for each member, you would further add to the CLASS of the presentation - especially during the choreographed numbers... Think about it.

    Well done on a fine performance!
    - David Whitehead (Dave Enock's son-in-law)

    ....very enjoyable as always, this year especially so with so many good groups.

    You guys need to put down a CD with the quartet on the same disc, as do that jazz group with the double bass. All very impressive......
    - Ed (guest of Roger Turvey)

    I just wanted to pass on my congratulations on such a wonderful concert on Saturday night!! My friends & I enjoyed it immensley! It was difficult to say what performers i enjoyed the most - they were all outstanding!

    Being a christian, i also greatly appreciated the christian songs that were chosen, especially your rendition of It Is Well With My Soul. I always felt it needed a good male section to really make it sound great, so to hear an entire male choir sing it was just sensational!! so congratulations once again on a job well done!! I look forward to attending your concerts in the future.
    - Donna (David Ojerholm's friend)

    Gentlemen, the performance you gave the other night at the Angel Place Show was your best yet. For the first time so far (consistently), you managed to take the audience on a musical AND emotional journey.

    Congratulations, you made me very proud.
    - Jim Catt

    ....the night was very professional and I congratulate you on a great performance. The AGC loved being involved.....the girls loved their programmes. Thank you for providing them with this.
    - Belinda Gray, NSW Manager of the Australian Girls Choir

    Thanks ..... It was wonderful to have the opportunity to sing in that venue, a real TREAT!.....
    - Lorraine Silk of Blues Point


  • Regarding HarmonySite Demo in general
  • One corporate client particularly wanted the chorus to make a surprise entrance shortly after 600 guests sat down to dinner. This is what the function organiser wrote:

    I must admit to feeling a little nervousness as to the logistics of smuggling up to 80 people into the building. However, not only did we achieve the element of surprise for the 600 attendees, the very sight of the group appearing brought spontaneous applause. I was most impressed with the professional organisation of such a large group, before and after the night. The whole segment could not have gone more smoothly.
    Finally, the performers were a delight to listen to and, just as importantly, showed their enjoyment in performing.

    Again, thank you and the group for being a highlight to a most memorable night of entertainment.


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